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You deserve the time and space to feel free, to belong to the land.

The mission of the Grimm-Schultz Farmstead is to preserve the history of vernacular architecture and the living history of agriculture, particularly ranching, in Wabaunsee County, Kansas. 


The Grimm-Schultz Farmstead has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the Kansas Register of Historic Places as a historic district that includes its significant house and five outbuildings

built between 1875 and 1915.


Located in the beautiful Flint Hills, a short drive from Manhattan and Topeka. 

Flexible Spaces

Features original windows,
original wainscoting in period color, original Kansas artwork, and a vintage black walnut pump organ.
Front Porch
The third vertically-oriented porch in the history of the main house allows a view to the western hill to see the setting sun.

A family kitchen from a side entrance with oak flooring, an oak claw-foot round table, vintage oak bench loveseat, and generous counters with stools.
The rounded stone cellar under the main house held bulbs for replanting, apparatus for sausage and wine making, and safety from storms. 
Studio & Office
A simple bedroom with attached office for a family member or guest to rest, read, or write with clear view to the south pasture. 

Pole Barn
This large modern building from the 1960s serves as a garage for cars and farm equipment. It sports a colorful barn quilt visible from Old K-10 Road.

*Note the cellar area is not ADA accessible.

The property is a working cattle ranch, and access to pastures is limited.

Modern Amenities

Internet access though U.S. Cellular
55" conference room monitor
Bose CD Stereo in parlor
Critical office supplies in 1st floor office
Fully-equipped kitchen
Zoned central air conditioning/heat

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